Artist: Camilla Fenster

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Year: 2019

Printed & Produced in Whitewall (Award Winning Lab)


Where is our haven and how safe do we feel in it and above all what part of us is present?

In general our home is our haven.

Sometimes it is our invisible part present, our mind. In other words, our thoughts, emotions, sensations and all our imagination reflecting on our attitudes.

Other times, we leave our mind at the doorstep and wander in talking to ourselves or others, light words or short frases, in automatic mode like everything that is about to happen is mechanical When we leave these both outside our body operates according to a to do list of actions that are expected for that day. A good day is the day we arrive in our haven with all parts merged because obviously all parts work together and at the door step leave only everything that is not essencial to our well being