Sell on RevArt


When you apply to sell your artwork at RevArt, you also apply to join a community of talented emerging artists. A community which has your best interest at heart and assists you in every facet possible. You join a movement of independent artists which supports, acknowledge, and provides you with the platform for you to grow as an individual. 

Why choose RevArt? 

At RevArt, we acknowledge that the life as an upcoming artist can be challenging to say the least. That is why we are committed to providing you with a platform that foster your career as an emerging artist. We do this by giving you an online platform where you can sell your artwork, tell your story, and reach art lovers and buyers all over the world. We are always looking for artists with creative and positive mindsets to join our community!

How do we differentiate ourselves from other art platforms? 

Among our biggest beliefs are the realization that art should be accessible to everyone. We strongly believe that in order to make art available to every segment of the public we have to keep the prices affordable. Another strong opinion of ours is that the quality of the artwork must never be compromised. If you mix these two ingredients together you will end up with a cocktail of high quality and affordable prices. 

What do we provide?

We provide you with assistance in everything from promotion, valorization and selling of your artwork. 

When you join us, you join a community of emerging artists. We provide you with the possibility to broaden your network, get extensive feedback from buyers, and the technology to keep track of your sales. 

We emphasize the importance of your individuality. All your artworks belong to you. You decide which artworks you want to sell, and we provide an online manual that covers everything from packaging your work to establishing a fair price for it.

We provide worldwide shipping. You take care of the packaging and we will take care of the distribution of your artworks. 

Our platform has advanced matching technology which makes it easy for you to individualize and filter your artwork as you prefer. Hence, it is easy for our customers to discover new artists and search for specific types of artwork through a variety of filters.

In addition to the online gallery, we will provide you with the opportunity to have your artwork displayed at real-life exhibitions which will be managed by our team. 

We are setting up a constantly updated blog that routinely features new artists. 

What is in it for us? 

Besides the joy and appreciation of knowing that we do our part for the emerging artist community, we do take a 25% commision of the sales of your artwork. The platform provides you with an outline of your earnings and the commision fees to make it simple for you to create an overview.