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The Wanderer

160g Black Canson Paper
A4; A5
€35 EUR
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The WandererThis is a piece I have been working on for a year now. Something that comes from a expedition I’m making to my subconscious. I have been listening attentively to the tales it has to tell. Taking notes, materializing shapes beyond my comprehension, always afraid of the moment I start comprehending them.Now I ask you, look at the distant part of you that is so distant that it can no longer be called you, and tell me what you see? I see this, the wanderer, wandering the fields of our insides, far away from the reach of our collective perceptions. Silently shambling the planes in a negative of a buried reality. It illustrates our lonely existence, we are lone creatures, we are born alone in our heads, we die alone in our heads. Expression is, and will always be, a broken telephone game, no one will understand us completely. So, part of us, just wanders, sometimes walking, sometimes shambling, sometimes crawling, the planes of the infinite universe beyond our perception. Existence is, to some degree, a matter of perception, what you perceive exists for you because you perceive it. I perceive the Wanderer so it exists as a integral part of my conscious and unconscious mind. The wanderer is the human without, Ego, without intellect. This first Edition of 100 copies of The Wanderer is hand prepared, hand embellished, each one has one unique illustration made different for each book and a small poem hand signed by the artist.For a special discount, subscribe my Patreon account!