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Acrylic on Canvas
100 x 100 cm
€4.500 EUR
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Erik Satie, challenged the conventions, not only for their eccentricity, but for the creation of musical pieces characterized by their stripping. Precursor of the impressionist harmony, surrealism, minimalism and even of the Theater of the Absurd, he was the creator of a musical style whose purpose was to create a vibration, without imposing itself, invading silence, playing the same role as the light, warmth and comfort in all forms - the Ambient Music. In the first performance of Musiques d'ameublement, the audience, following the conventions of the concerts, insisted on listening to the musicians and listening in silence, Satie, in anger, shouted: Speak, move! Do not stand there listening! At the time it just seemed like a joke, which made Satie try to expel from the room those who were there.