No Excuses

Artist: Camilla Fenster

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Year: 2018

Printed & Produced in Whitewall (Award Winning Lab)

Some people have all the money, some people have no money.

Is money power?

In many ways yes because it allows you to obtain and achieve your desires. Does this kind of power help or destroy our life and life around us? Does this power help or destroy the world we have? I believe the real power is in us and not in the money. How many gods are there after all? Religion is a force, a comfort zone to escape to from our troubles, something that gives the calmness and guidance we many seek, a way in or out of this world and the deeper you go, the more you are attached.

Different beliefs, again, the word different, but the conclusion is the same – there is only one God, he can have many names and many energy surroundings, but what does God want? A World and life of peace and happiness or a world of war and suffering? I personally think that this God is a complex energy with simple positive beliefs.

I believe there is a stronger force around us that will be positive or negative, and that outcome is ours to decide, with the power we have inside us.

Whatever be our conclusion, there is one word that should conquer all our answers