About Us


RevArt was founded in 2020 by two Italian friends with an immense passion for the world of arts. Spending much of our lives working with different projects in various sectors we came to the conclusion that there was a serious lack of a platform for emerging artists to evolve themselves. At the first possibility, we joined forces and the platform became a reality. 

Together with our dedicated team we take great pride in creating a supportive environment for the emerging artists that join our platform. We believe that our artists has the potential to make people feel, think and wonder. All they need are the support and encouragement from a community that cares about them and have their best interests in mind. 



The Community 

The RevArt community is created to empower emerging artists. We help with the promotion, valorization and selling of your artwork. Nowadays upcoming artists are struggling with financial insecurities, lack of support, and the knowledge that their art has to be exposed in an art gallery in order to be successful. Everyday is just another fight in order to find a space in this world of rough realities. We realize it can be quite a lonesome journey at times. That is why we have created a community where artists can learn, grow, and benefit from one another’s feedback and critique. At RevArt, we believe that support, networking and sharing are major contributors for success. Art is a way of living and we all have differents ways of expressing ourselves. And yet, we are all in it together. 



Vision & Mission

Nowadays, art is seen as a luxury - something you cannot access and possess on a limited budget. Something that is reserved for the privileged. We believe art should be accessible to everyone. We believe that supporting emerging artists in their evolution is essential to human progress. It is a vital and necessary force in society. Therefore, we have made it our mission to create a digital platform where artists can freely share their artwork and create value. Our platform will enable upcoming artists to gain free access to promotion, exposure, support from the community, and to connect and interact with other artists. Subsequently, this will create a platform with quality art and highly accessible prices for the public. In this digital epoque it has become increasingly apparent that there is a lack of serious options to digitize artworks. But not anymore!


Alex Dipalo

Gianvito Montrone

CEO & Founder
Co-Founder & CMO
"During the centuries art was one of the most important tools in the people life, we want to bring back this power in a digitalized époque"
"Without Art, Life is the most boring experience we can have. Without hope of success, artists are not enough motivated...so let's start empowering upcoming artists!"