After months of hard grind we are thrilled to announce that our platform is officially online. It has been a long time coming, but due to circumstances out of our control (Covid-19) we had to postpone the scheduled date of the launch. But sometimes even the toughest realities can be a blessing in disguise. It made us re-evaluate the importance of the work we are providing for the community of emerging artists we have assembled. In times like these, an escape from reality can be a solid pillar for keeping your mental health intact. And we believe we provide exactly that. Through the immense talent of our artists we provide an outlet for the exploration of another world. A world of art. A world without worries for the future. The perfect escape. 


The ground pillar of our platform is the belief that original art should be accessible to everyone. It is our motivation as well as our vision. When you navigate at RevArt, you automatically become a member of our community. A community which provides the assistance and support for all our artists and members to grow individually as well as collectively. Artists will always be a vital force of our society and as such, we are providing society with some its finest talents.  

Among the initial initiatives we have established is the “Artist of the Month” section. In this section we will highlight an artist and provide content that explains his/hers background, passion for art, and motivation to join our platform. We do this as we believe that the establishment of a relation to the artist is essential to the understanding of his/hers artwork. It is a window into the core of the artist, so to say. This month we were blessed by introducing Fernando Klewys as our “Artist of the Month”. At our web page you will find a video and a blogpost explaining Fernando’s motivation for joining the world of arts and becoming a part of our community.  

Throughout the entire process of creating our platform we have been met with optimism and encouragement from everywhere. Even though we were sure that there was a need for a platform like ours, it is much appreciated to feel such an approval and confirmation from the community of artists. With that in mind, we want to return the favor and thank all of those who have supported us throughout the entire process of establishing our platform. A community such as ours is nothing without the support of its members. We thank you for joining this amazing journey of ours. We will work tirelessly to repay the faith you have put into us!

All the best,

the Team behind RevArt.


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