ARTIST OF THE MONTH - Fernando Klewys

ARTIST OF THE MONTH - Fernando Klewys

The Platform

Emerging artists are often struggling with financial insecurities, lack of support, and the knowledge that their art has to be exposed in an art gallery in order to be successful.

We realize it can be quite a lonesome journey at times. Art is a way of living and we all have differents ways of expressing ourselves. And yet, we are all in it together. At RevArt, we have created a community where artists can learn, grow, and benefit from one another’s feedback and critique. We believe that support, networking and sharing are major contributors for success.

Supporting emerging artists in their evolution is essential to human progress. It is a vital and necessary force in society. Nowadays, art is seen as a luxury - something you cannot access and possess on a limited budget. Something that is reserved for the privileged. We believe art should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, we have made it our mission to create a digital platform where artists can freely share their artwork and create value. Subsequently, this will create a platform with quality art and highly accessible prices for the public.


Know the Artist

Art can be elusive, deceptive, even confusing. Attempts to define it rarely succeeds because, like the wind, we can see and feel it all around us, but never quite pin it down. Although, there is one solution that substantially enhances the understanding of the artwork - getting to know the artist whose thoughts, feelings, and motives have been put into it. At RevArt, we believe that art is personal. Art urges you to feel. To interpret your feelings. Interpret the artist’s feelings. We believe that in order to truly gain understanding of the artist’s intentions, the beholder needs an opportunity to perceive the person behind the art.We aim to conduct interviews with each of our artists as it is an essential part of the introduction to our platform. Both in terms of establishing a relationship between the artist and the platform. But most certainly also to introduce the artist to the public. This weekend we had the pleasure of interviewing the talented Fernando Klewys. He invited us to his home in Lisbon where we set up our mobile studio.

Fernando is born and raised in Brazil, but eventually moved to Europe 13 years ago.




Throughout his life he worked in a variety of different jobs before he ended up working in the laboratory as a doctor technician. After some time he realized that it started to wear a toll on his mind - that he wanted to start living his life in a different manner. He made the decision to go hitchhiking through Europe without a penny in his pocket. After a year spent hitchhiking from Lisbon to Athens and back again Fernando came to a realization that stroke us with a strain of familiarity. He explains that while travelling excessively, he started to become lost inside his own mind. At this point, Fernando became interested in collage. Subsequently, he made the decision to grow roots in Lisbon and emphasize his focus on his passion for collage and music.


The Artworks

When asked what Fernando likes the most by collage, he gave us a thoughtful answer.

“What I like the most is the process. I would love to know how to make drawings, but I don’t know how to draw. With the collage it is the nearest I can get to it.”

Fernando goes on to explain the process he goes through while creating his collages.

“I have an image in my mind and I go for the pictures itself but I am never going to find the same pictures as I have in my mind. But through the pictures of these old magazines I can get pretty close to the idea I had.”

When asked about his favourite artwork Fernando’s eyes lid up and he instantly searched for a collage on his wall.

“It is my first one. It took me about 15 hours to do it. It’s pretty fun because it is where I am going to end up. It is talking about when I was 1 year hitchhiking empty-pocketed around Europe.”

He shows us the collage (Look above) and goes on to explain us what it represents to him.

“There is the road. I am walking with some people at this road. I am the one standing there (left person on the picture, ed.) All of these people are representing the people who gave me a ride when I was on the road. Their luggages, their stories I listened to while they were giving me a ride. All of us, we were going the same direction but seemingly in different ways. Every person has its own idea about life.”

Finally, when we asked Fernando on the perspectives of the partnership with RevArt he struck us with a slight smile and stated that he could easily tell us that he thought we would change the world.

“But sometimes in life it is better to just see what is going to happen. I have really good hopes with RevArt.”

Hopes are good. Intentions are better.

We certainly intend to continue this journey of providing a creative and inclusive platform for our emerging artists.

The journey has just begun, but the massive support and interest we have experienced so far has been immensely encouraging.

We might not change the world. But we can provide something that is much needed for our community.




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