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"Taking reality for granted"

Taken with a Nikon 3500D, the photograph was taken with a shutter speed of 1/125s, F/3.5 and the ISO set at 2500. The focal length was 18mm, without flash.
Print size: 39.5cm x 55.2cm (with extra 4cm of border). Resolution: 240ppi, 3705p x 5166p
€100 EUR
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This particular photograph was taken in March this year (2021), under these awful circumstances, and the idea that I had in mind was to manifest a medium of expression on how these hard days we’re living are felt. My main goal with this photograph is to disregard the obvious and the plain, adding mystery in a riddling fashion to the concept, making the spectators wonder what happened and what is the significance of what they are seeing. Furthermore, it’s an attempt to induce the viewers to relate what they see and feel with themselves, in the present situation of confinement and restriction. Aiming for something rather imperceptible at first glance, the mere suggestion of a body confined in a cage is one of the goals of this photographic project. It can be interpreted as a pale figure, naked, imprisoned, therefore vulnerable, fragile, pure, in a cold, dark, stained, lonely, filthy environment.