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“Silver Tears”

Oil, acrylic and oil stick on canvas
81 x 116 cm (32 x 46 inches)
€1.200 EUR
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To all the animals that lost their owners due to Covid-19.We usually talk about people who died from the virus. Are the animal protection associations that refer to this other aspect: that of animals that have lost their owners. Suffering is not only human. Especially when these associations report that animals, in addition to losing their owner - the person who nurtured and cared for them - are even abandoned.Anyone who has animals and likes them knows that this is a constant concern. What will happen to them if I die?Since animals do not speak, I make an attempt to speak for them, through painting, representing the sadness of seeing their owner go..This painting has a music to accompany, by an Estonian composer of contemporary music: “Trivium”, by René Eespere, from the album “Respect”. This composer mainly addresses existential themes in his works and his music reflects on the mystery of being and the basic values ​​of life.It can be heard here: