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Cadrans Poster #1

Inkjet print on Fine-Art Baryta Paper
60cm x 90xm
€45 EUR
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Cadrans, 2020


Cadrans is a photographic project that features twelve

series, with 5 images each, of a set of structures the author calls


It aims to tackle how quarantine affected the author’s

life and experience relating it to the influence it had on his

circadian rhythm.

This project aims to induce in the observer

a feeling of alienation through the repetition of the same shapes

and perspectives, the gradual removal of all that is man-made

and the way the backgrounds frame the “monoliths”.

Lastly, the images feed off of the iconography of the

tombstone as a marker of death, of what seemingly is an end but is

actually part of a cyclical process. The journey from every sunrise

to every sunset has both a beginning and an end but is ultimately

just part of a larger process.


The first of two posters that together compile all the images from my graduation project. 


Fine-Art Signed: Limited edition of 10 prints + 1 Artist Proof, Inkjet printing on Hahnemühle Fine-Art Baryta 325gsm.

Unlimited: Inkjet printing on 170gsm gloss paper.