aberração // série II // 1

Artist: João Alves

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Semi-Glossy Paper

30 x 30 cm



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Aberração is a project about the digitization of chemigrams, a process of searching for a plastic dimension and a rhythm that was not possible to impose on paper through the chemical process. more than an act on paper, it is an act on digital and light. thetransformation that each one of the chemigrams suffer with the different displacements and movements in the scanner can represent something that happens to every piece of information and language that go through a digital channel: they change, shape-shift, sometimes transforming into something almost completely different but that still reminisces the original source of information. the rediscovering and transformation through the scanner is so big that something that was previously only in shades of black and white becomes something alive and with colour. Something where previously there was only the presence or absence of light suddenly has the presence of vibrant life. aberrations were produced.