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Wisdom from the Andes

250 g paper
30 x 30
€30 EUR
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This Illustration represents the Wisdom of the Aymara people, that live in the Andes of Bolivia. Their understanding of life and their understanding of community is quite different from our Western beliefs. In their langue, the first person is not “I”, but it is Jiwasa, which means “We”. And with “We” they mean “We, the mountains, the plants, the insects, the stones, the rivers – everything”. In a broader sense Jiwasa also means “I die in order to unify with my sourroundings”. The root of this word is jiwa – that is on one hand part of the word jiwaña, that means death or transformation. On the other hand, it is part of the word jiwaqi, which means pretty, beautiful (CAOI 2010: 79f).

Coodinadora Andina de Organizaciones Indígnas CAOI (2010), Buen Vivir/ Vivir Bien - Filosofía, políticas, estratégias y experiencias regionales andinas. Lima: Carlos Arrieta 1049.