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The Tall Thing in the Cave

Wood composite with gel pen
60 x 25 x 0,2 cm
€250 EUR
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Every piece bought comes with the nightmare\dream printed on quality paper, hand signed by me.


It's a recurring dream I've been having for years now. It's one of my favorites and I can't control it or remember I had it already when I'm in it. So here we go. I open my eyes, and I'm in a vast arid landscape, just a shit ton rocks gravel and sand. In the distance I can see a forest, even from so far away, the trees look massive! I find this weird but I can't gather the patience nor the courage to make the trip to see these giant trees. Looking around, I notice that some feet in front of me there's a giant suave and kind of round gray rock. Walking with caution I stroll to it, relishing the sound of my boots stepping on gravel. After four or five dream minutes of walking I get to the surface of the rock. It's even bigger than I first thought. I can tell by the light that it's starting to get dark, it's cold, cold as balls! On closer inspection of this particular mammoth of a rock I notice that it has inscriptions, symbols engraved on it! All faintly glowing, ones more than others. I presume that this is a mark of time, the new ones glow more. Throwing all cation to the wind I caress the rock, back and forth and  what the fucking fuck! the rock as an feel to it, like freshly moist mango skin, it's kind of addictive really. EU-FUCKING-REKA!!! My brain is filled to the brim with images and I suddenly know that the symbols are detailed annotations of the weather!!! Hmmmm, I feel weird... Better sit down for a bit. After some confused strains of thoughts, and a lot of dream minutes, maybe hours I reallise three things: 1th- I'm scared shitless and shirtless, my magnificent hairy gut faintly glowing with the symbols weird light, feeling kinda judge right now... 2nd- I don't have a semblance of an idea of the why in the fucking world I can read the symbols and why am I exited for the meaning, this is the reason why I'm scared shitless. Shirtless... who knows!3rd- I feel a slight breeze coming from under me, making my beard dance in the light. WHOOOOSH! And down I go, the sand and gravell in front of the weird rock separate and give way to a dark empty space, not scary at all right?? I fall for an amazing amount of time, like enough time for me to rethink my bad life choices, and belive me when I tell you, they are a mother fucking lot. I hit the ground with a soft thud and a screech. In a daze, I look up and see the hole, it's really really far up but looking around I can't see shit! Not a thing, a murder clown could have his red puffy fucking nose three inches from my eyes and I would only feel the knife sticking from my belly! Trying to acclimate to the darkness and moving my arm and legs to see if I'm hurt or bleeding, gladly it appears I'm not, I feel something moving under my feet... aaaaaaaaand just like when you feel something on your foot on the beach and freak out I sure did! Screamed like a little bitch and ran straight into something harder than an pedophiles erection passing by a kindergarten pool party. Almost knocked out, azzy as fuck I look up, as a light starts to emanate from something, getting brighter and brighter. A tangled of roots and vines, glowing, moving, making weird shapes going from the ground to the top of the hole, I assume connecting with the rock! An amazing sight to behold! Now being able to see somewhat clearly I notice I've hit a rocky surface made of the same material of the first humongous rock. But this one is carved with millions upon millions of vertical, oblique and horizontal gashes, all following the volumetric shape of the round rocks, what the beautiful roundish chamber, I am transfixed, hipnotised even. I was so distracted that I didn't even notice the big creature quietly grunting, face down where I landed. Grunting lowder and shaking grey dust of its back, it started to rise, floating 2 feet off the ground. A massive organic shape, staring me down with the darker than dark hole in his chest. It stares me down curiously. Seeing this, I decide to give it some ol' Steve Irwin approach and started making way towards the creature. Really slowly, mumbling soft words and small encouragements. Suddenly from the giant tear in his chest an all consuming gurgled screech emerges sending me back on my ass, screaming obscenities, covering my ears with my hands and  rolling in pain while it resonates through the walls of the giant chamber. I black the fuck out. I wake up and slowly open my eyes. Confused and once AGAIN azzy as a girl who accepted an second drink from Bill Cosby, I sit up and notice the hole of the creature now floating horizontally on top of me just 10 inches from the tip of my nose. My body tenses up and I can feel his breath. What in the frickin, fockin, fuckin, world! it smells like play dough??? Really? My fear desapears and I lift my hand to his twisted body. Touching him was like touching an old TV screen while it was on the static channel but the surface was soft and warm. That's why I didn't get hurt with the deadly fall! I apologize to the creature, he screeches softy and slowly starts to float upwards, disappearing in a crevice in the walls. I get up and clean the dust of my body, noticing that I don't have my pants and boots anymore, gone, just like that... I start to look around, now cold as fuck, with my balls tucked so far in I could feel them in my throat, nipples so hard they could cut glass and I see the chamber is just one of many, many Chambers. All connected with giant archways, all slightly illuminated by the tangle. In the furthest archway was the Council, just staring and judging. I screamed: What the fuck do you want of me you spastic cucumbers???! I feel a vibration and the Council started to step back, I could feel them grinning, a blind rage started to boil my insides, and before I could scream again, I start to ear screeches coming from all around me. A shit ton of creatures, similar to the one I landed on converged in the room. Floating around the shapeless tangle of roots and vines making it move faster and glow stronger. I feel like I am floating, witnessing such a beautiful thing, the undreds of creatures just dancing around the tangle, screeching a tune sang through eons. I float to the tangle, being sorrounded by the creatures and the beautiful song, feeling the warmth of the roots, and the calling of the symbols. The tangle starts to invelope me, layer after layer, all glowing a blinding light. In my now golden cocoon I saw everything, everything that walked that world, the disasters, nature, civilizations being born and dying, gray structures built from dust and turned to dust, mountains born and crumble, seas appearing and disappearing, all beautiful, all natural. I felt complete, I felt one with this world, and now I am his heart.