Press The Button To Reset The World I

Artist: Camilla Fenster

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Year: 2018

Printed & Produced in Whitewall (Award Winning Lab)


In this collection of three, you can see a small button on the neck or face.

It is green, as green is considered to be a “go free” button.

The circular movement around the button suggests the urge or the focus to touch, to go for it.

Basically, I am sure many of us have wished to press a button to reset something that was wrongly done a first time, we have learned a lesson and would like to take that moment back and relive with a different approach and change the outcome.

This is it… but in a wider perspective, wouldn't we love to have the power to reset the world? All that it has wrong, evil and unbalanced, bad political decisions, horrific tragedies, tragic wars, terrorist attacks..basically the world destruction and environment having a fresh restart.. It is just a positive thought, the wish of a better place and the power to make it good.