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Ave Mar I, II and III

Oil on canvas
148 × 86, 153, 50
€1.400 EUR
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“Ave Mar”’s project started with phographic studies of water’s blue reflexes. The light of Lisbon’s river “Tejo” brings to me memories of my childhood vacations near the sea on a regular basis, which I used as inspiration and later reenterpreted using oil. After some studies a great expression of my own movements as well as the contrast combination reviled themselves very rich and that’s when I transfered the work for a bigger canvas.

The triptic now transmits something greater than my memories. It’s a timeless prayer present in my conscience and subconscience. The movement of the roads I’ve crossed and the one I’m taking now.

I’ve complitely connected with my depest self and my greatest pontencial. “Ave Mar” is the flood that marvels and cleanses the espectator with the awe and mystery that resides in the water, memory and the subconscient.