Always innovating

Always innovating

Looking for artworks online can come with a few obstacles. One of those are the issue of how the artwork will fit in to your home. Does the colors match with what I possess already? How are the dimensions? Does the style match my furniture? All of these questions can be easily answered. You simply put the artwork in your home thanks to our newly installed feature, View in Room.


Our new feature of Live Preview makes it possible to imagine how an artwork will look on the walls at your home. As you view an artwork at our gallery the option of “View in Room” will appear. When you press the bar it activates a feature where you can either see the artwork in a fictive room or through the camera of your phone. In addition, it will allow you to adjust the dimensions along with the angle and level of the artwork. By using our new feature you will be able to place the artwork in whichever room you prefer. This should be a great assistance for those who cannot decide if a specific artwork will be a great fit for their home. 

The implementation of “Live Review” is a testament to our continued innovation and improvement of our platform. As we become smarter, we will keep developing the platform in order for our members to have the best experience possible. We believe that a smooth user experience will translate into deeper appreciation of the artwork itself. And that is what we are truly trying to achieve.

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  • Nicole D.: April 22, 2020

    Awesome feature!

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